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Coverage in Enabled.In Newsletter on Oct 21, 2014



I think there are so many inspiring real life stories in the world that I never felt going beyond them. In each human, there is a story waiting to be told. And till I find that, I am not looking any further.”




SRCC Student Connect – The Road Less Travelled

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“Initially, most of them were hesitant. Many thought I would commercialize their lives, play around with words or portray them as good for nothing. It took me a lot of convincing to explain to them my objective of writing the book. I wanted the world to see the differently-abled in a truly special way. I wanted the world to change its attitude towards disability. But once now, they have the book in their hands, their expressions made it all worth it. It’s like 15 biographies, with each of the 15 individual proud of the book and proud of being part of it.”

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“The book is not preachy and without being too descriptive, the author is able to transport the readers into another world, a better, brighter world, albeit ‘abnormal’, and yet, the abnormality seems to be a better reality.”

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“Writing is like a prayer. It not just helps us unwind and express our thoughts; it is a food for the soul, a joy for the heart. Writing is a gift which we leave with the world long after we are gone. And writing is like a baby, your creation and your essence.”



Definitely one of the most inspiring books I’ve read in my almost 50 years – LifePositive Magazine


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Review 4

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Because it is you who choose to win or lose,
It is you, who has to believe in yourself,
You are here for a reason
Make your existence worth.

A work of literature which would make you fall in love with life.


“Life is indeed a beautiful gift bestowed upon us by the almighty. Sometimes, we do not just wish to appraise the value of the life gifted to us. This is the time, when books such as this one titled – Because Life is a Gift, plays its role. Timeless, as a few may categorize but they are actually beyond times and we fall short of words, while commenting.” …

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