Life without you

The places which we went together,
the things which gave so much fun.
Are places and things exist today,
but without you, make me feel abandoned.

The stupid things in life which we enjoyed,
without caring what the world would say.
Are buried inside me deep and forever,
with my emotions, these memories play.

The long trail walks with you,
the feeling of never being alone,
Are now empty and lonely,
like they never knew me, like they were never my home.

The people around who knew me,
who knew I existed to be yours.
Are now giving me strange looks,
as though without you I am a corpse.

I knew life would not be the same,
when you would leave.
But I never imagined it would feel so suffocating.
after years of being without you, every night I still grieve.

You left me long ago, but did you ever look back;
to see if I could too leave you as easily.
Even today I struggle to find why you did what you did,
from your your treachery , I struggle to get free.



Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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